Why we are who we are

We first opened in 1995. We are now into our 25th year!!!


At the time there were very few private Physio clinics around. Steve had previously worked in the NHS in cardiorespiratory medicine. He then wanted a different challenge and physiotherapy was his choice. Once qualified he did his ‘rotations’ (you had to at that time, all areas of Physio for 2 years) He always knew he wanted to work for himself. Whilst valuing and thinking highly of the NHS there were always constraints and rules which could prevent best practice. Big companies need conformity.


The idea was that we could work in our own unique way and embrace all the best science once the evidence became unequivocal. From previous experience we knew that people need time, someone to really listen and understand, explain and offer the options. That would need more that 20 or 30 minutes! We knew that if people really understood their problem, they had the opportunity to control it and get well.


We were also and still are only willing to use evidence-based treatments, scientifically researched. If the evidence and science changed so would we.


This can be understandably very difficult for lots of practitioners. Something you may have spent years studying and learning is suddenly disproved. You have truly believed it, but now new information is totally challenging those beliefs. It becomes very tricky to step out of your comfort zone and be open minded.


This did happen with Pain Science 20 years ago. We read, researched, looked at who had done the research.


The world was round not flat!!! There was no going back. It would be morally wrong to ignore what we knew.


It is still the same now we regularly check research (monthly). If some thing new appears, a gadget or information it is checked thoroughly. Its amazing what you find (companies who own the products do the research!! and then regurgitate it in different formats under different names. (We do dig deep)


Placebo is fantastic but not a long-term remedy


We never wanted to be a big company. Through experience we knew you risk losing the personal touch. You become a manager or business owner. Steve wanted to be a Physio. He wanted to focus his attention on patients, anatomy, psychology, sociology, physiology. Not accounts, staffing levels and statistics.


We have managed to do that. Our staff have been with us for many years and we hope for many longer years.


We stick to what we know best and do it well…Physiotherapy, individual and person centred as we are all different.