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Aspen Health Sciences is a research and training organisation dedicated to the highest quality / best scientific evidence based education for healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of pain and biopsychosocial health.


Aspen Health Science courses

The ‘Pain Masterclass’ is a two day post-graduate course for healthcare professionals who treat people in pain. As far as we are aware this is the first evidence-based course of its kind. This course recognises the full biopsychosocial nature of the human pain experience. Utilising cutting edge scientific treatment approaches emerging from areas of medical science such as neurobiology, genetics, psychology, pharmacology, neuroscience, placebo research and rehabilitation medicine.

The course aims to provide delegates with the ‘tools’ they need to understand the biology of pain and to help their patients understand this too. It provides practical clinical strategies and patient-centred treatment approaches that can be immediately integrated into clinical practice and used successfully to facilitate recovery from acute or chronic / persistent pain. By its very nature the Pain Masterclass debunks a lot of ‘pain myths’ and brings into focus why many commonly used treatments for musculoskeletal pain are unsuccessful or at best often only provide short-term pain relief.

Due to the ‘explosion’ of pain science knowledge over the last decade, the Pain Masterclass is being constantly updated and is now in it’s 2nd edition.  The Pain Masterclass has and continues to be hosted at various venues and locations throughout the UK.
If you or your organisation are interested in hosting a Pain Masterclass, or if you would like information about enrolling as a delegate on a Pain Masterclass please contact us.

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