Are you easy to get to? / Any parking available.


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There is a large public free car park across the road.


How long will I be in clinic?


Each appointment is 60 minutes or 45 minutes.


What do I need to wear?


Whatever you feel comfortable in. Please be aware that the therapist will need to expose the affected area in order to carry out the  assessment and  treatment.
With this in mind, shorts are advisable for conditions affecting the lower limbs/ lower back/ pelvis.


How many sessions will I need?


This will depend on your presenting condition and how it responds to treatment and self management. Our current clinical governance report demonstrates that our  average number of appointments is 3.4 per condition.


Will it hurt?


​Not usually. Although, some discomfort may be experienced at certain times with certain conditions i.e nerve  injuries can be notoriously sensitive and can be irritated  by normal movement and examination.