What should we expect from a  physiotherapy follow up appoinment

A follow up session…

👉 Lasts about 40 to 45 mins.
👉🏻 Re-evaluates your status compared to the initial assessment.
👉🏼 Decides what is next. What is the next best step forward; it may mean changing the approach, modifying plans, continuing on the same path, and/or pushing rehabilitation forward.
👉🏽 Gives you the chance to ask questions. These will have arisen during your time away from the clinic so ask them!
👉🏾 Can ensure correct technique with a home exercise plan. It can be an important feature of a follow up session.
👉🏿 Includes appropriate and evidence based treatment.

Ask yourself about a session (before, during or after):
👉 Do I feel the session is long enough to attend to my needs?
👉🏻 Have I improved, stayed the same or have I got worse? Why?
👉🏻 If you have worsened is this in your opinion or is this expressed by the physiotherapist? A lot of clients don’t always see progress in themselves. Pain can take over and the overall picture can become blurred…..actually I can now sit for a minute longer, or I can now have an extra hour without waking with the pain.

👉🏼 What is the next step and why?
👉🏽 Is it a good idea to progress my training at this stage? What can I do to progress my training/rehabilitation?
👉🏾 Am I sure that I am conducting the exercises given correctly?
👉🏿 Why is this treatment being conducted? Is this appropriate? Do I need more and at what cost? Is the evidence based treatment ?REALLY evidence based? For example sorry to break it to you guys, but acupuncture is not an evidence based treatment. It is on occasions advertised or promoted as being. This is misleading.
Sometimes reviews can be a reassurance blanket to be used in 2 to 4 weeks, rather than just 1 week. They can be useful tools to recovery and part of the rehabiliation process. You may be surprised how valuable they are/can be.