A little movement goes a long way!

When the word exercise is mentioned, people will react very differently to each other! Sometimes there is an element of being scared by what this may involve, skirting over the idea as if it could be a possibility, or point-blank refusing to entertain the idea.
Movement on the other hand doesn’t quite have the same dropout rate!
When you mention exercise what do you think? Images of sweaty pits, red face, stitches, exhaustion? Or images of relaxation, revitalisation, being revigorated?
Most people would say the first, which does not appeal to some in the slightest, and I can understand why not. A great image!
Movement is different. When we say movement, it doesn’t sound as energetic. It could be sit to stand, or go to make yourself a drink or doing the hoovering. It could be going out for a stroll along the street, it doesn’t have to be a marathon or 100m sprint .
Ultimately, we are designed to move as living and breathing organisms. We need to move to survive…..even if it is to take a drink (H20 preferably/isotonic beverage), or chew/swallow our food to obtain the nutrients we need to function.
Our bodies get sore just by not moving, because our bodies see this as being a threat or dangerous as they need to evaluate our movements.
Pain is an output of what our bodies see as a threat/ potentially dangerous for us, not as a result of damage.
A perfect example is watching a film for 2 hours. Could you sit for 2 hours without as much as moving anything and feel completely comfortable?
Most people would feel uncomfortable/a bit sore and would need to adjust even if it is only a small movement, to get relief. Another example is that long car journey where your bum starts not to feel like your own anymore! You cannot wait to pull over and get out the thing to move!

We need to move! It is as simple as that. It can be the smallest or biggest of movements. It can be as complicated as you make it! It can be to music or sound; it can be in silence (organising your thoughts and listening to the world around you as you go). It can be simply putting the clothes away, emptying the dishwasher, or putting the clothes on the line. It’s all movement.
The aim daily is to move a little, and to move frequently.