Pelvic Floor

Did you know the pelvic floor…..
✅ lines the bottom of and helps us to contain our abdominal contents. Like the bottom of a bag.
✅ is at the bottom of the abdominal bag and the diaphragm is at the top. So breathing can have effects on internal pressures. Increase internal pressures can have an effect on pelvic floor.
✅ is predominantly a female problem, but men are not immune!
✅ is involved with stress incontinence. We associate this with the natural aging process. It is very common but actually is not normal.
✅ should be trained just like a ‘normal’ muscle. If you dont use it you loose it!
✅ training is very often not done properly. Technique can be really poor. As a consequence patients believe they have tried physiotherapy for the problem and it has not worked. But in reality it has not been given a proper chance to deliver.
✅ can weaken that much that it no longer can perform its job of containing the abdominal contents….most specifically the pelvic organs. This results in a prolapse. Where the contents can protrude from the body down below.
✅ prolapse can vary in severity from very mild causing little disturbance and symptoms, to severe with major disturbance and symptoms. Physical and psychological I hasten to add.
✅ prolapse of specific organs can give rise to particularly symptoms. Therefore constipation CAN be a sign of a prolapse.
✅ has no restrictions to which exercise can be performed. No exercise is dangerous.