I have visited Aspen Physiotherapy several times for joint pain and injuries. The treatment and advice I received was successful. I was asked about my problems which was given careful consideration and treatment was customised for my ailments. The quality and care from Aspen I can only describe as 5 star.

Maureen S

Feb 2018

Had hip and rib pain that wouldn’t clear, Dr had diagnosed tendonitis, physio thought it was related to my back and gave me exercises a few months of physio and no more pain.. Would definitely recommend to anyone xx

Angela T

Feb 2018

Steve is extremely knowledgeable and after a thorough consultation, explained in detail about sciatica and the pain associated with it. Steve showed me some straightforward yet very effective exercises to do at home. I’m delighted to now be back to running three times a week. I’d highly recommend Steve and his colleague Kayleigh at Aspen, both are very professional and put you at ease straight away.

Melanie E

December 2017

Excellent service, would highly recommend! Steve taught me so much about Sciatica and gave me simple and effective daily exercises to complete which have really helped my healing process.

Cheryl H

October 2017

Excellent treatment and advice. Would definitely recommend.

Amanda H

July 2017

Excellent service as always! Great knowledge and advice. Thank you!!

Louise S

February 2017

Excellent service. Thorough assessment, clear, evidenced treatment. Delivered professionally with a friendly and caring approach. Steve has helped me with two different issues now and has my trust and respect. I will continue to recommend Aspen.

Jaxanova H

September 2016

Couldn’t be more positive about their services. They have helped me maintain lower back pain and given me ways to combat it if the pain kicks in again. Could not recommend them more highly.

Pamela H

August 2016

​I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. A few years ago I was having some serious issues with pain in my back and left leg
I rang up Aspen and they fitted me in straight after work. I was in there for over an hour and I was given the most thorough examination I’ve ever had—I’ve been to a few osteopaths and chiropractors over the years due to a long-term problem.
I was given an explanation of the problem and some exercises to do. It took a few weeks of doing the exercises, but they worked.
The problem comes back now and again and I can still solve the issue with the exercises.
That was one visit and some excellent guidance.
In my experience with other physios, osteopaths etc it’s often been the case that the treatment is ongoing and expensive, but this was brilliant.
I’d recommend Aspen to anyone!

Paul M

July 2016

Absolutely outstanding treatment, Kayleigh I will never be able to thank you enough for helping and educating me on my back pain and I will keep on doing the miracle exercises!

Rachael G

July 2015